DNN Module IIS Manager

This module can be bought by hosting providers to manage the IIS bindings of there web server without having to log on via remote access or having to buy an expensive licence to manage the server via a web interface (like plesk).

This application can only be run as host user.

You need to make sure that the user you run your website with has access to manage IIS, we recommend to use the LocalSystem user. (IIS-->Application pools-->Advanced settings)
Click here to read how to change the user of the application pool

Handle with care! This application can bring websites offline. You should never use this on websites you do not own. Shared hosting providers will not change the username of the application pool to protect the environment and you will not be able to use this.

This module should only be used by host users owning the server they manage.

It is tested on DNN6 & 7 and on IIS7

DNN IIS Manager


You can buy this module on the DNN store.


You can download a free test version for evaluation purposes, it will only work on your local test machine.


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